“It’s that time again”


It’s that time again. The presidential election is only nineteen days away. To be frank, there are not many positive things that I can say about it, other than place in evidence the fact that our country has survived FDR’s decade long assault on the Constitution, Richard Nixon’s criminal behavior, Bill Clinton’s unseemly actions in the Oval Office and perjury conviction, along with his disbarment, and other Presidential misdeeds down through the years, so my hope is that it can survive four years of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Where do I fall when it comes to this year’s election? I think I am simply glad that it is a secret ballot. No good choices here.

I have never considered myself a one issue voter. I believe in limited government (the more limited, the better), fiscal responsibility (we haven’t seen that in decades), I look for someone that I can trust to have their finger on the button (haven’t seen that in a while), and it would be nice if the President actually meant that phrase in his oath of office that says that he will do his best to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” I have voted for people who have been further down the continuum on these issues than I would have preferred, but I can live with that, because no candidate if perfect.

However, there is one issue that is a deal-breaker for me: if the candidate supports abortion in any form, he or she will not get my vote. I cannot in good conscience cast a ballot for anyone who is willing to allow the dismemberment and death of another human being, whether they have been born or not. It does not matter if they are fiscal conservatives, if they believe in limited government, or if I can trust them with “the button,” anyone who will not protect the right to life of our weakest and most helpless citizens, cannot be trusted to do the right thing in any other area. So if you consider me narrow minded and rigid, so be it. I can live with that. Life is precious.

Whatever happens, my trust will remain in God, and I will worship Him on His Day, for there is no President who will ever be able to take that away from me.


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