“Father” is a Good Description


Years ago a young lady came up to me after I had preached a message about the joy of being able to call God, “Father,” (I was preaching from the text of the Lord’s Prayer) and told me that it was so difficult for her to think of God as a Father because of the earthly father that she had. He was controlling, abusive, and had managed to make her life miserable for decades. I tried to encourage her about all the other ways that God is described in Scripture such as the Good Shepherd, as a hen gathering her chicks, as the Way, as the Bread of Life, etc., but as I went home on that Sunday night, I was reminded of how fortunate that I was to have had a Christian dad.

My Dad wasn’t a perfect man, but he worked hard to provide for his family (he was a welder in a shipyard for 39 years), he took time to be at my sisters’ piano and voice recitals, my Little League baseball games and later my high school games, he took us to church (of course, we had to be there 30 minutes early), he disciplined us with love (with his hand; Mama always used the belt), he read the Bible to us, prayed with us and for us, and, although he never showed his emotions outwardly, we never doubted his love.

Twelve years ago tomorrow he became one of those “just men made perfect” that the Book of Hebrews describes, and I still miss hearing the sound of his voice. Because of my Dad, when I hear God being described as a Father, I am so grateful that He is.


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