“”Life isn’t all fricasseed frogs and eel pie”



Puddleglum (my youngest son) and I went to Beaumont to give platelets and plasma at LifeShare Blood Center, and, lo, and behold, sitting in the chair next to me was an old friend of mine. I explained our connection to my son by saying, “We went to different high schools together.” (He went to LCM and I went to West Orange [no Stark]) As we began to talk, I asked about a certain lady, and his response was, “She’s retired now.” We started talking about someone else and I found myself saying, “I haven’t seen him since _______’s funeral.” Our talk turned to DuPont and we talked about how many fewer workers there are now than there were in its heyday back in the 1970-80s. The conversation ebbed and flowed around people’s sicknesses, weight losses and gains (mostly gains), and, sadly, deaths. It reminded me of something that I said a couple of weeks ago to an old friend, “Roy, when did we get old?


It is much like Jayber Crow, one of Wendell Berry’s characters describes:


Back there at the beginning, as I see now, my life was all time and almost no memory. Though I knew early of death, it still seemed to be something that happened only to other people, and I stood in an unending river of time that would go on making the same changes and the same returns forever. And now, nearing the end, I see that my life is almost entirely memory and very little time.”


As I have floated down that river of time I have experienced good times and bad times, happy times and sad times, anxious times and peaceful times, and I have seen people enter my life and leave my life (some sadly and, I really hate to confess, some gladly), but through it all there has been one constant, the Triune God. Before the foundation of the world, God, the Father, chose me by His grace; in the fullness of time, God, the Son, took on human flesh and sacrificed His life on my behalf; and, God, the Holy Spirit, one day quickened my heart (brought it to life), showed me my sin, and enabled me to rest totally upon the grace of God for my salvation. So that, in whatever season of life I am living, I can be content and know that I am in His all-powerful and all-loving hands.


Yes, as Puddleglum once said, (C.S. Lewis’s character, not my son), “Life isn’t all fricasseed frogs and eel pie,” but in Christ, life is good, both then and now, and into all eternity.




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