Goodbye to An Old Friend

I saw last night that another one of my seminary buddies died (I seem to be hearing news like this more and more often as the years drag on). We took classes together at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and I pastored in the Erath Baptist Association with both him and his father for almost 5 years back in the early 1980s. We were on different sides of the theological divide in Baptist life back then, and still managed to remain friends (of course, I was the crusty old theologically conservative curmudgeon and he chose to use the “moderate” label).

My favorite story of our friendship took place in a Pastoral Ministry class as we were both nearing the end of our time on the Hill. Our professor was notorious for the profound effect he had on his students (he put them all asleep). One spring day I was fighting to keep my eyes open and I glanced over at David and his head was on his desk and he was drooling on his notebook paper (okay, the drooling part I put in for poetic effect). And, I realized then, that it didn’t matter whether one was theologically a liberal or a conservative, Dr. B could put them sound asleep.

I’ll be praying for David’s family in the days to come. May they experience the “peace that passes all understanding.”


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