Tuesday Hymns: Psalm 32

I love singing from The Trinity Psalter. I am not one who believes that the Bible teaches exclusive Psalmody (one who believes we should only sing Psalms to worship God when we gather as God’s people), but singing Psalms (of course in a different language, meter, etc.) that have been sung by the people of God since 1000 B.C. (and before) is a reminder to us that we are not the “new kids on the block.” We are a part of the people of God who have existed not for centuries, but for millennia. Thus, our Tuesday Hymn for this week comes from The Trinity Psalter: Psalm 32. (Sung to the tune, VOX DILECTI, “I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say.”)

This Psalm shouts to us the truth that “there is nothing new under the sun.” David’s problem in the 11th century B.C. is the same problem that plagues us today: sin. David speaks of the shame and distress that come because of our rebellion against the holy Law of God, and the great relief that comes to us when we are forgiven through the mercy and grace of a holy God. He did not understand from his historical perspective that his (and our) sins were paid for through the perfect life and sacrificial death of the God/Man, Jesus Christ; but he did understand that it was all because of the mercy of the living God.

So rejoice today if you are one of the blessed ones against “whom the LORD counts no iniquity.”

What blessedness for him whose guilt
Has all forgiven been!
When his transgressions pardoned are,
And covered is his sin.
O blessed the man ’gainst whom the Lord
Counts no iniquity,
And in whose spirit there is not
Deceit or treachery.

When I kept silent, my bones aged;
My groaning filled each day.
Your hand oppressed me day and night;
My moisture dried away.
Then I to You admitted sin,
Hid not my guiltiness;
I said, “I will before the LORD’
Transgressions now confess.”

Then You did all my sin forgive
And take my guilt away.
For this when You are near at hand
Let all the godly pray.
The rising floods will harm him not.
You are my hiding place.
And You will comfort me with songs
Of victory and grace.

Instruction I will give to you
And teach you as you go.
My watchful eye will guide your steps;
My counsel you will know.
Be not like senseless horse or mule
Which if you would subdue
You must with bit and bridle hold
To bring him close to you.

The wicked many pangs endure,
But steadfast cov’nant love
Encircles ev’ry man whose trust
Is in the LORD above.
Be glad and shout, you righteous ones,
And in the LORD rejoice!
And all whose hearts are just and true
Sing out with joyful voice.



  1. luthien1977 said,

    January 6, 2015 at 4:44 PM

    I came across your blog when I was trying to recall the text for “Come to the Waters”…I’m so glad I did, because I’ve really enjoyed perusing your Tuesday Hymns. I hadn’t heard this one before.

  2. January 30, 2015 at 7:14 AM

    Thank you for posting and your comments on Psalm 32. We use the Trinity Psalter in our church along with the Trinity Hymnal. I am occasionally posting Psalms from the Trinity Psalter and hymns on my blog, and was looking for lyrics to Psalm 32. I have used the Psalter for lyrics for a church newsletter. Hymns are in the public domain, but aren’t the Psalms copyrighted, as far as public use? Or is it just when you want to use them for profit?

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