Tuesday Hymns: “How Blest is He Whose Trespass” (Psalm 32)

My blog posts have been hit and miss lately (okay, less hit and more miss) but I thought since I had a little time I would at least post a Tuesday Hymn. This is a hymn that we sang yesterday during worship that caught my attention (of course, when one is worshiping God, all hymns should catch his attention) since it spoke of the relief that one feels when he has experienced the Lord’s forgiveness. It is a metrical version of the 32nd Psalm from The Psalter, 1912. The Psalmist contrasts the guilt and heaviness of the sinner trapped in his sin versus the one “whose trespass has freely been forgiv’n” and “whose sin is wholly covered before the sight of heav’n.” We sang it to the tune of RUTHERFORD.

How blest is he whose trespass
Has freely been forgiv’n,
Whose sin is wholly covered
Before the sight of heav’n.
Blest he to whom Jehovah
Will not impute his sin.
Who has a guileless spirit,
Whose heart is true within.

While I kept guilty silence
My strength was spent with grief,
Thy hand was heavy on me,
My soul found no relief;
But when I owned my trespass,
My sin hid not from thee,
When I confessed transgression,
Then thou forgavest me.

So let the godly seek thee
In times when thou art near;
No whelming floods shall reach them,
Nor cause their hearts to fear.
In thee, O Lord, I hide me,
Thou savest me from ill,
And songs of thy salvation
My heart with rapture thrill.

I graciously will teach thee
The way that thou shalt go,
And with mine eye upon thee
My counsel make thee know.
But be ye not unruly,
Or slow to understand,
Be not perverse, but willing
To heed my wise command.

The sorrows of the wicked
In number shall abound,
But those that trust Jehovah,
His mercy shall surround.
Then in the Lord be joyful,
In song lift up your voice;
Be glad in God, ye righteous,
Rejoice, ye saints, rejoice.


1 Comment

  1. O Peveto said,

    March 10, 2013 at 4:18 PM

    One of my kids gave a hymnbook to me for Christmas , it is so nice to thumb through the book and read the songs so often they are songs of prayer and some songs of praise, it always lift s my spirit Thanks for this song .

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