Tuesday Hymns: “Psalm 5”

During our Sunday evening worship we sang Psalm 5 out of The Trinity Psalter. It is a beautiful Psalm about the justice and grace of the living God. One hears the Psalmist cry out about the trouble he faces day to day, and the realization that his only hope is to be found by “looking to [God’s] holy place, in [God’s] fear [to] worship there.” It is comforting for me to be reminded that the people of God of all the ages have faced many of the same struggles that we do, and that God’s “mercies are new every morning” for us, just as they were for them millennia ago (There is a reason the Psalms have been called “God’s Hymnbook“). We sang this Psalm to the tune of Jesus, Lover of My Soul.”

O Jehovah, hear my words;
To my thought attentive be.
Hear my cry, my King, my God,
For I make my prayer to Thee.
With the morning light, O LORD,
Thou shalt bear my voice and cry;
In the morn my prayer arrange
And keep constant watch will I.

Truly Thou art not a God
That in sin doth take delight;
Evil shall not dwell with Thee,
Nor the proud stand in Thy sight.
Evildoers Thou dost hate;
Liars Thou wilt bring to naught.
God abhors the man who loves
Deed of blood or lying thought.

But in Thine abundant grace
To Thy house will I repair;
Looking to Thy holy place,
In Thy fear I’ll worship there.
Since, O LORD, mine enemies
For my soul do lie in wait,
Lead me in Thy righteousness;
Make Thy way before me straight.

For they flatter with their tongue;
In their mouth no truth is found;
Like an open grace their throat;
All their thoughts with sin abound.
Hold them guilty, O my God;
Them for all their sins expel;
Let them fall by their own craft,
For against Thee they rebel.

But let all that trust Thy care
Ever glad and joyful be:
Let them joy who love Thy name,
For they guarded are by Thee.
And a blessing rich, O LORD,
To the righteous Thou wilt yield;
Thou wilt compass him about
With Thy favor as a shield.


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