Tuesday Hymns: The 103rd Psalm

As I have mentioned before, we sing a Psalm from The Trinity Psalter every Sunday night at Reformed Presbyterian Church of Beaumont, Texas. For the last two weeks we have been singing The 103rd Psalm which was first found in similar form in The Scottish Psalter, and was revised in The Psalter published by The United Presbyterian Board of Publication in 1871. This basic version was included in The Psalter, 1912 and was revised again in 1994.

When I was a young man we often sang the first four lines as a “Scripture chorus,” but it is so much more beneficial to me, to be able to see the context of the entire Psalm as we worship the LORD of the Scriptures. This Psalm is not shy about declaring the reality of our sin, nor is it unclear about the forgiveness that can be found through the marvelous grace of Jehovah. This version is sung to the tune, Beecher (“Love Divine, All Loves Excelling”).

Bless the LORD, my soul; my whole heart
Ever bless His holy name.
Bless the LORD, my soul; forget not
All His mercies to proclaim.
Who forgives all thy transgressions,
Thy diseases all Who heals;
Who redeems thee from destruction,
Who with thee so kindly deals.

Who with love and mercy crowns thee,
Satisfies thy mouth with good,
So that even like the eagle
Thou art blessed with youth renewed.
In His righteousness Jehovah
Will deliver those distressed;
He will execute just judgment
In the cause of all oppressed.

He made known His ways to Moses,
And His acts to Isr’el’s race;
Tender, loving is Jehovah
Slow to anger, rich in grace.
He will not forever chide us
Nor will keep His anger still,
Has not dealt as we offended
Nor requited us our ill.

For as high as is the heaven,
Far above the earth below;
Ever great to them that fear Him
Is the mercy He will show.
Far as east from west is distant
He has put away our sin;
Like the pity of a father
Has Jehovah’s pity been.

For our frame He will remembers;
That we are but dust He knows;
As for man, like grass he rises;
As the flower in field he grows;
Over it the wind now passes;
In a moment it is gone;
In the place where once it flourished
It shall never more be known.

But Jehovah’s loving kindness
Unto them that fear His name
From eternity abideth
To eternity the same.
And His righteousness remaineth
To their children and their seed,
Who His covenant remember
And His precepts hear and heed.

In the heavens has Jehovah
Founded His eternal throne;
Over all is His dominion;
He is king and He alone.
Bless the LORD, all you His angels,
You on whom He strength conferred,
Who His orders are performing,
Who obey His every word.

Bless the LORD, all you His servants,
Hosts that know and do His will,
Who forever wait upon Him,
All His pleasure to fulfill.
Bless the LORD, all you His creatures,
All His works with one accord
In all parts of His dominion.
O my soul, bless thou the LORD.



  1. Robert Brooke said,

    May 23, 2012 at 12:02 PM

    is this recorded as an mp3 on the internet anywhere, so that I can download it and play it?

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