Tuesday Hymns: Psalm 89:1-16

At Reformed Presbyterian Church in Beaumont, we traditionally sing at least one Psalm every Sunday night (of course, we sing Psalms during the morning services, also) from The Trinity Psalter. Over the last two weeks we have been singing Psalm 89. It is a Psalm about the Coming King and His reign over all the earth, but especially His reign over His people. It is sung to the tune of Ode to Joy by Ludwig von Beethovan, and I am not sure that I have ever heard a tune more appropriate for a text.

The first four stanzas (which comprise verses 1-16) speak of God’s Sovereign power over nature:

Of God’s love I’ll sing forever,
To each age Your faithfulness.
I’ll declare Your love’s forever,
Founded in the word from heav’n:
“With My Chosen I’ve made cov’nant,
To my servant David sworn:
‘I’ll your line confirm forever,
To each age build up your throne.’”

Lord, the heavens praise Your wonders,
Angels sing Your faithfulness.
For none matches God in heaven,
Who’s like God in heaven’s throng?
God is feared among the angels,
He’s more awesome than they all.
LORD, O God of hosts, who’s like You?
Mighty God, You’re girt with truth.

You rule over sea’s proud surging;
When its waves rise, bid them still.
You broke Egypt, left her dying;
Your strong arm dispersed Your foes.
Yours the heavens, earth’s bounds also;
You have founded all the world.
North and south You have created;
Tabor, Hermon, praise Your name.

You’ve an arm that’s great in pow-er;
Your strong hand is all supreme.
Your rule’s based on right and justice;
Cov’nant love and truth are Yours.
They are happy who acclaim You;
In Your favor, LORD, they walk.
In Your name rejoicing ever;
In Your righteousness raised high.


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