Tuesday Hymns: “O God, Most Holy Are Your Ways”

The Psalter, 1912 is the source of hymn number thirty-nine in The Trinity Hymnal, O God, Most Holy Are Your Ways, which is our Tuesday Hymn of the Week. It is based on the text of Psalm 77:13-20, and is a reminder to the people of God that “the Almighty Shepherd” is the one who keeps His people safe, even during this world’s most violent tempests.

There have surely been times in our lives when “none understood but God alone,” but the comforting fact is that even then, He was at work in our lives to “finish the work” that He had started in all of those who have been justified through the finished work of Christ. May we trust in His promise that He will “never leave us, nor forsake us” in this present age or in the age to come. This song is often sung to the tune, VATER UNSER. Another appropriate tune that would fit the text (and also be much easier to sing) is ST. PETERSBURG.

O God, most holy are your ways,
And who like you deserves my praise?
You only do such wondrous things,
The whole wide world your glory sings;
Your outstretched arm your people saved,
Though sore distressed and long enslaved.

O God, from you the waters fled,
The depths were moved with mighty dread,
The swelling clouds their torrents poured,
And o’er the earth the tempest roared;
‘Mid lightening’s flash and thunder’s sound
Great trembling shook the solid ground.

Your way was in the sea, O God,
Through mighty waters, deep and broad;
None understood but God alone,
To man your footsteps were unknown;
But safe your people you did keep,
Almighty Shepherd of your sheep.


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