Tuesday Hymns: “Forever Settled in the Heavens”

The 119th Psalm speaks much of the truth of God’s Word. This week’s Tuesday Hymn (okay, okay, it has been a few weeks since I did one of these) comes from The Psalter, 1912, (1/5 of which can be traced to the Scottish Psalter, according to Terry Johnson) and is an adaptation of verses 89-97 of that marvelous Psalm. Forever Settled in the Heavens reminds us that the same God that spoke the world into existence (Forgive me for my naiveté, Biologos members) rules and reigns over the world, and that we can trust His written Word to be true then, now, and forevermore. It is usually sung to that familiar and stately tune, DUKE STREET.

For ever settled in the heavens
Thy Word, O Lord, shall firmly stand;
Thy faithfulness shall never fail;
The earth abides at thy command.

Thy word and works unmoved remain,
Thine every purpose to fulfil;
All things are thine and thee obey,
And all as servants wait thy will.

I should have perished in my woe
Had not I loved thy law divine;
That law I never can forget;
O save me, Lord, for I am thine.

The wicked would destroy my soul,
But in thy truth is refuge sure;
Exceeding broad is thy command,
And in perfection shall endure.


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