“Change-Agents” in Church and Society: “Dream On”

D. G. Hart takes a look at the latest church membership statistics compiled by the National Council of Churches (Yes, I realize that group is at best a nominal Christian organization…okay, I must be realistic, it is not Christian at all) in his latest article at Old Life Theological Society. Read the entire article to see all the statistics, and then you will understand Hart’s cogent and sobering statement: “the next time the emergents, hipsters, missionals, urbanists, and neo-Calvinists want to talk about how they are change-agents in both the church and society they should look at the numbers and sober up.”

Side Note: Realize that the Southern Baptists don’t know where 8 million of their 16 million members are. (Not trying to be mean here, it is just a sobering thought. To quote Paige Patterson, “They may be in heaven, they may be in hell, or they may be in L.A.” [I am pretty sure it was Dr. Patterson that made that observation.])


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