The Rankin Christmas Letter, 2010.

(Every year in our Christmas cards, we send out an information letter to let everyone know what has been going on in our lives over the last twelve months. This is a copy of that letter.)

Hello to all of our family and friends,

This is that famous (or infamous, if you prefer) Christmas letter that you get every year to catch you up on all that has taken place in the lives of the Rankin family over last twelve months.

Clifton (56 years old now) is still busy being the Associate Pastor at Reformed Presbyterian Church in Beaumont, Texas. This has been his calling since 2006 and he has never been happier. He enjoys serving with a godly group of men on the session, and appreciates seeing what God is doing in the life of each of the Christians who gather there weekly to worship and serve their Risen Lord. He has put his Master Thesis on permanent hold and hasn’t lost a moment of sleep over it.

Dixie’s year (who has reached the age of…never mind) has been quite an adventure. She discovered that she had protruding discs in her neck (C5 and C6) and went through physical therapy, then two epidural steroid injections, and finally a cervical laminectomy in December at Methodist Hospital in Houston. She is still in recovery mode (she gets to start driving again tomorrow) and hopes that this will solve the problem of pain in her neck (no, I am not that pain) and right arm.

This has been an eventful year for Reed (15), also. After being home schooled for the first eight years of his education, he has begun attending a private school in Port Neches which, along with the regular curriculum, teaches job skills, social skills, etc., for those which special needs. He loves going there, and has shown a great deal of progress in his ability to care for himself.

Caleb (13) is still being home schooled and enjoys wearing his “The Worst Day of Anything is Better than the Best Day of School” T-shirt at every possibility. He enjoys history (as of this moment, studying the Cold War), reading (almost through with The Two Towers), and tolerates math (though not very well), and wonders how any of that will help him to play Modern Warfare on Xbox Live. We did buy him a new shirt for Christmas that says, “Dear Math, I am not a Therapist, Solve your own problems,” which I am sure will be worn religiously (once he cuts the tag out of it).

Josh and Kera are still living in Ft. Worth with their three kids, Kesh (9), Koen (7), and Kya (5). She is a personal trainer at a health club there and he is the defensive coordinator (football coach for the uninitiated) at Haltom High School, and, as a necessary evil, teaches math also. They all love the Metroplex and were thrilled (as was I) with the Rangers finally making it to the World Series this year.

We continue to be amazed at the marvelous grace of God, who in the fullness of time sent His Son to take on human flesh, keep the Law on behalf of God’s elect, and die as the sacrifice for their sin, along with sending His Holy Spirit to bring to life sinners who were dead in their trespasses and sins, in order that they might repent and believe the Gospel and be saved (Wow, that was quite a sentence)!

We want to take this time to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year,

Clifton, Dixie, Reed, and Caleb


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