Tuesday Hymns: “O Lord Most High, with All My Heart”

Many of the hymns in The Trinity Hymnal are based upon the Psalms. Our Tuesday Hymn for this week, O Lord Most High, with All My Heart, is based upon Psalm 9:1-2, 7-11. It speaks of the sovereignty of God (verses 1-2), the grace of God (verses 3-4), and the worthiness of His praise (verse 5). It was taken from The Psalter, 1912, and is sung to the tune of ROCKINGHAM OLD.

O Lord most high, with all my heart
Thy wondrous works I will proclaim;
I will be glad and give thee thanks
And sing the praises of thy name.

The Lord, the everlasting King,
Is seated on his judgment throne;
The righteous Judge of all the world
Will make his perfect justice known.

Jehovah will a refuge prove,
A refuge strong for all oppressed,
A safe retreat, where weary souls
In troublous times may surely rest.

All they, O Lord, that know thy Name
Their confidence in thee will place,
For thou hast ne’er forsaken them
Who earnestly have sought thy face.

Sing praises to the Lord most high,
To him who doth in Zion dwell;
Declare his mighty deeds abroad,
His deeds among the nations tell.


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