Glenn Beck and Civil Religion vs. The Gospel

This morning, one of our church members (Thanks, Brent) sent me a link to a blog post by Nancy Guthrie, a member of Christ Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Nashville, Tennessee. The post is an open letter to her pastors, thanking them for preaching Christ from the pulpit, and not getting caught up in all the “Glenn Beck hysteria” that has seduced so many pastors into preaching what is popular culturally (and politically), rather than the truth of the Gospel.

She says in part:

“Thank you for your faithfulness in preaching Christ from the pulpit, not “the principles of America.” Thank you for leaving that to others and reserving the sacred desk at our church for preaching, in the last few weeks, about the once-for-all sufficient sacrifice of Christ, about the privilege we have to approach God in prayer as Father, about Christ as the Wisdom of God, about Christ as the most valuable Treasure in the universe, worth trading everything to have.”

She concludes her open letter with the following statement that every pastor should hear and heed:

So thank you for continuing to preach the word of the Lord and present the beauty of Christ, and for not being so short-sighted to preach the “principles of America.” You keep calling me to love Christ more than my country, more than anything, and this is the word I need most to hear.

I would encourage you to take the time to read Mrs. Guthrie’s letter here.


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  1. Diane said,

    September 28, 2010 at 9:55 AM

    Thanks for posting this!

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