Tuesday Hymns: “Psalm 54”

As I have mentioned before, I am not an exclusive psalmodist (one who believes only the Psalms should be sung in corporate worship), but I do love singing from the Psalter. A few Sunday nights ago we sang this version of Psalm 54 during our evening worship and I thought how different the theme is from the many songs sung in our “modern” worship services. In this Psalm, David is crying out to God for deliverance from his enemies. Now in David’s case, Saul was breathing down his neck trying to make David’s wife a widow, but as I thought of our enemies, “the world, the flesh, and the devil,” I took comfort in the fact that I, too, may call out to God for Him to “destroy them all!” This version of the Psalm is sung to Thomas J. Williams’ tune, EBENEZER (O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus).

By Your name, O God, now save me;
Grant me justice by Your strength.
To these words of mine give answer;
O my God, now hear my prayer.
Strangers have come up against me,
Even men of violence.
And they seek my life’s destruction;
God is not within their thoughts.

See how God has been my Helper,
How my Lord sustains my soul:
To my foes He pays back evil
In Your truth destroy them all!
I will sacrifice with gladness;
I will praise Your name, O Lord.
He has saved me from all trouble;
I have looked on all my foes.


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