Tuesday Hymns: “Psalm 48” (from The Trinity Psalter)

I am not an Exclusive Psalmnodist (one who believes only the Psalms should be sung in corporate worship), but I love singing out of the Psalter. Many of the hymns in The Trinity Hymnal are based on metrical Psalms, but every Sunday night we sing a Psalm exclusively from The Trinity Psalter.

I enjoy singing out of the Psalter because unlike many of the contemporary “worship choruses” which take only a phrase from a Psalm (which is sometimes sung over and over and over and over and…well, you get the idea), in the Psalter, one gets the full context of the message of the particular Psalm that is being sung. Sunday night we sang Psalm 48 which speaks of our Mighty God who is the only One who perfectly protects the “peace and purity” of His church. The Psalm is usually sung to the tune of WAREHAM LM, but we sang it Sunday to the tune of WINCHESTER NEW.

The Lord is great! Much to be praised
In our God’s city, and
Where stands
Most fair upon His holy hill
Mount Zion, joy of all the earth!

She is the place where
God resides,
The city of the Mighty King.
God in her fortresses is known
To be a refuge safe and sure.

For, lo, the kings their
Forces joined,
Advancing, marched, with
But, seeing her, they were amazed;
In terror they were put to flight.

There trembling seized its hold
On them,
Pangs like a woman giving birth.
For You with wind out of the east
The mighty Tarshish ships destroy.

As we have heard, so we
Have seen
Within the Mighty Lord’s abode,
Within the city of our God:
God keeps her safe for evermore.

O God, Your cov’nant love to us
We’ve thought on in Your temple’s courts.
O God, Your praise, just like
Your name,
Extends to earth’s remotest bounds.

Your right hand’s full
Of righteousness.
O let Mount Zion now rejoice;
Let Judah’s villages be glad,
For all Your judgments are
Most just.

Encircle Zion, walk about;
Her towers count, her ramparts
Go through her fortresses with care,
And to your sons their story tell.

The one true God, He is our God,
And evermore He is the same;
He surely will us safely keep
And He will guide us on
Through death.


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