Words of Wisdom from William Hendriksen

As I was preparing this Sunday morning’s Bible study from Revelation 21, I came across this passage in William Hendriksen’s, More Than Conquerors, about the new heaven and the new earth:

The apostle now hears the voice of the One sitting upon the throne, that is, God in Christ (Rev. 4:2; 22:1) saying, ‘Behold, new am I making all things.’ Only God can make new. People may vainly imagine that by means of better education, a better environment, better legislation, and a more equitable distribution of wealth they are going to usher in a new era, a golden age, the Utopia of man’s ardent desire. Their dream remains a dream! Neither economic nor disarmament conferences, neither better schools nor share-the-wealth programmes are going to bring about a really golden age, a new heaven and earth or a new order. It is only God who through His Spirit makes all things new. He alone can restore and renew man and the universe. He does it now, though in a very restricted sense. He is going to do it by and by when Christ returns.” (page 200)

These words, though originally written in 1940, still ring true today! The answer to what ails the human race is not to be found on the political left or on the political right, but in Christ alone! “Even so, Lord Jesus, come quickly!”


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