The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is Now Roaring

Iain Murray relates the following story from the lives of James V of Scotland (who later became James I of England, of King James Bible fame) and Pastor Robert Bruce of Edinburgh in his excellent book, A Scottish Christian Heritage:

At times, seated in the royal gallery of the Great Kirk, the King disguised the unease he felt by indulging in conversation with his courtiers in tones that could be heard even in the pulpit. On one such occasion, it is said, the preacher deliberately paused until the King was quiet. But when Bruce resumed speaking so did the King, at which there was silence again in the pulpit. When this happened for the third time, Bruce addressed these words to the talkers:

“It is said to have been an expression of the wisest of kings, ‘When the lion roars, all the beasts of the field are at ease [quiet]:’ the Lion of the tribe of Judah is now roaring in the voice of his Gospel, and it becomes all the petty kings of the earth to be silent.”


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