The Law: God’s True Standard of Evaluation

In an excellent article on the dangers of monocovenantalism, Wes White, PCA pastor in South Dakota, wrote two sentences which jumped off the page at me: “The natural man tends to measure God’s requirement by his own actions. God gives the law to show us the true standard of God’s evaluation.” (To read all of the article, go to the Johannes Weslianus Blog).

I thought to myself, “How true. How true.” Man always has a good reason for his sin. The present Governor of South Carolina can commit adultery with a woman in Argentina because he has convinced himself that she is his soul mate. A businessman can lie about the details in a deal he is trying to close because that is just the way business is conducted in the good old USA. A man can convince himself that he does not need to worship God with God’s people on the Lord’s Day, because he can worship just as well at home or on the lake (and that “Sunday stuff” is just legalism, anyway). And the list goes on and on and on…

However, if one compares his thoughts, words, and deeds to God’s Law, he discovers very quickly that he is a vile sinner at the very core of his being, and desperately needs God’s amazing grace in his life. The Law is actually his friend. It can be used by God’s Spirit to drive him to the cross, in order that he can rest his hope in what Christ has done for him through His perfect life and sacrificial death.

Our hope is not to be found in our own righteousness (for the Bible says that they are nothing but “filthy rags”), but in the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ. His is the only righteousness that is sufficient, so I say a hearty, “Amen,” to the words of J. Gresham Machen, “I’m so thankful for the active obedience of Christ. No hope without it.


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