Words of Wisdom from Dr. Samuel Miller

Dr. Samuel Miller was the Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Church Government at Princeton Theological Seminary from 1813 to 1849 (back when Princeton was still Princeton). In his The Utility and Importance of Creeds and Confessions we find the following paragraph which could well have been written in 2010:

The church is still “in the wilderness” (cf. Acts 7:38; 1 Cor. 10:1-11); and every age has its appropriate trials. Among those of the present day is a spirit of restless innovation, a disposition to consider everything that is new as of course an improvement. Happy are they who, taking the word of God for their guide, and walking in “the footsteps of the flock” (Song 1:8), continually seek the purity, the peace, and the edification of the Master’s family; who, listening with more respect to the unerring Oracle, and to the sober lessons of Christian experience, than to the delusions of fashionable error, hold on their way, “turning neither to the right hand nor the left” (cf. Prov. 4:27; Deut. 28:14), and considering it as their highest honor and happiness to be employed as humble, peaceful instruments in building up that “kingdom which is not meat and drink, but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost!” (cf. Rom. 14:17). May God grant to each of us this best of all honors! And to his name be the praise, forever! Amen! [Boldface print mine]

May the Lord protect the shepherds of God’s sheep from that “spirit of restless innovation” and keep us on the old paths of “turning neither to the right hand nor the left.” For the full text of this lecture go to The Utility and Importance of Creeds and Confessions .


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