Tuesday Hymns: “Psalm 96”

Although there are many aspects of Presbyterian life that are dear to my heart, one that I especially treasure is singing from the Psalter. Singing from the Psalms has been a part of church life for millennia but has disappeared from many churches today because it is not “culturally relevant” or “missional.” (I hate both of those terms!) I am so glad that in 1993 “a special committee of the Presbyterian Church in America approached representatives of Crown & Covenant [The publishing and distribution arm of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America] to ask them to consider producing an abridged version of The Book of Psalms for Singing that might serve the needs of such congregations: inexpensive enough to be affordable and thin enough to fit in the pew rack together with a hymnal.” (from the Preface of The Trinity Psalter)

We sing from The Trinity Psalter every Sunday night and quite often in our Sunday morning worship, also. Last Sunday we sang Psalm 96, which is our Tuesday Hymn for this week. It is a Psalm which calls upon all of the “families of the earth” to “ascribe all glory to the LORD” for He is worthy of praise! (Now that is truly “culturally relevant” and “missional.”) We sang it to the tune of All Hail the Power of Jesus Name (CORONATION).

O sing a new song to the LORD;
All earth sing to the LORD.
Sing to the LORD, and bless His name;
“He saves!” each day proclaim.
His glory to all nations show;
His deeds let peoples know.

The LORD is great. How great His praise!
Above all gods He’s feared.
For heathen gods are idols vain;
The LORD the heavens made.
Before Him honor, majesty,
And strength and splendor be!

O families of earth, ascribe
All glory to the LORD!
All strength ascribe unto the LORD;
The glory of His name
Give to the LORD. To His courts come
And bring an offering.

In beautiful and holy robes
Bring worship to the LORD.
All earth, before Him stand in awe;
Proclaim, “The LORD is King!”
Controlled by Him, the world stands firm;
His judgments justice bless.

Let heav’ns be glad and earth rejoice.
In vast expanse untold
Let seas speak out with endless roar.
Let fields and all they hold
Their glory give; let trees and woods
With rustling boughs give praise.

Let all prepare to greet the LORD,
Because He coming is.
He surely comes to judge the earth.
And righteousness is His.
He’ll nations judge with faithfulness,
The world with justice bless.


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