Tuesday Hymns: “All Glory Be to Thee, Most High”

Just because a hymn is old does not mean that it is good. However, our Tuesday Hymn for this week is both ancient (it goes back to the Fourth Century) and full of praise to our Triune God (which qualifies it to be “good’ in my book). All Glory Be to Thee, Most High (written by an anonymous author) begins with a verse about God’s glory in general, followed by specific praise to each member of the Godhead: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. There is something comforting about the knowledge that one is singing a song of praise that the covenant people of God have been singing together for over a millennium. It is most often sung to a tune written in 1539 entitled ALLEIN GOTT IN DER HOH.

All glory be to thee, Most High,
To thee all adoration;
In grace and truth thou drawest nigh
To offer us salvation;
Thou showest thy good will to men,
And peace shall reign on earth again;
We praise thy Name for ever.

We praise, we worship thee, we trust,
And give thee thanks for ever,
O Father, for thy rule is just
And wise, and changes never;
Thy hand almighty o’er us reigns,
Thou doest what thy will ordains;
‘Tis well for us thou rulest.

O Jesus Christ, our God and Lord,
Son of the Heavenly Father,
O thou who hast our peace restored,
The straying sheep dost gather,
Thou Lamb of God, to thee on high
Out of the depths we sinners cry:
Have mercy on us, Jesus!

O Holy Spirit, precious gift,
Thou Comforter unfailing,
From Satan’s snares our souls uplift,
And let thy power, availing,
Avert our woes and calm our dread.
For us the Saviour’s blood was shed;
We trust in thee to save us


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