No Whining Allowed!

On July 10, 2009 the Reformed world celebrated John Calvin’s 500th birthday. For twenty-four years he faithfully preached several times a week, wrote many books and commentaries, sent countless letters, tirelessly led the church in Geneva, and influenced the church around the world. It is significant that he did all of that, in spite of the many physical ailments that dogged him for much of his adult life. C. S. Storms described Calvin’s troubles in Healing and Holiness: A Biblical Response to the Faith-Healing Phenomenon:

His afflictions read like a medical journal. He suffered from painful stomach cramps, intestinal influenza, and recurring migraine headaches. He was subject to a persistent onslaught of fevers that would often lay him up for weeks at a time. He experienced problems with his trachea, in addition to pleurisy, gout, and colic. He was especially susceptible to hemorrhoids, which were aggravated by an internal abscess that would not heal. He suffered from severe arthritis and acute pain in his knees, calves, and feet. Other maladies included nephritis (acute, chronic inflammation of the kidney caused by infection), gallstones, and kidney stones. He once passed a kidney stone so large that it tore the urinary canal and led to excessive bleeding. He contracted pulmonary tuberculosis at fifty-one, which led ultimately to his death. His health problems were aggravated by his demanding pace of preaching.

May I never be caught “whining” again!


1 Comment

  1. Sandra A. said,

    August 8, 2009 at 4:31 AM

    Amen, brother. May we all be encouraged by Calvin’s example to do our best for our LORD “without murmuring and complaining.”

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