Thank You, Francis Schaeffer

I discovered to my amazement that on May 15th it will have been 25 years since Francis Schaeffer “was made perfect in holiness” and “immediately passed into glory.” Justin Taylor’s blog has an interview with Os Guinness discussing the impact and significance of Schaeffer’s life at

Schaeffer’s writing style never appealed to me (I am not sure how many times I started reading The God Who is There to set it down without finishing it), but I found myself mesmerized by the little guy in knickers talking about God and culture in his film series, How Then Should We Live? He was a champion of the “true truth” of Scripture that many in our post-modern world need to rediscover. During a time in a young seminary student’s life, when neo-Orthodoxy was calling seductively, Schaeffer reminded him that there was a God who was there, and that He was not silent. I will be forever grateful to the founder of L’Abri for the impact he had on my life. I will close by letting Schaeffer speak for himself:

Third, not only can God act into the world, but He is not silent; He has spoken to men in the historic, space-time situation. The Bible and Christ in His office of prophet have given a propositional, verbalized communication to men that is true about God, true about history, and true about the cosmos. This should not take us by surprise, for if God has made man in His own image and has made us so that we can verbalize facts propositionally to each other on a horizontal level of communication, then it is natural that the infinite God who is personal would also communicate vertically to man in the same way. Of course, we must be careful to make a distinction here. Although God has not given us exhaustive knowledge (only He is infinite), He has given us true knowledge (what I have often called true truth)—true knowledge about Himself, about history, and about the cosmos.” (The Church Before the Watching World: A Practical Ecclesiology)


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