A One Time Only Political Comment

It’s Tax Day in America. It is also the day when Tea Parties will be taking place all over our nation protesting the massive spending bills which Congress has passed and our President has signed over the last few months. Granted, our former President and Congress left our nation’s economic house afire when they left Washington, but the present regime has chosen to pour gasoline, instead of water on the fire.


It is not my goal to turn this blog into a political mouthpiece, because I am convinced the answer for our world’s ills, is not political, but spiritual (specifically, trust in Christ alone). However, on this day my thoughts turned to one of our Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was a brilliant man; at least intellectually. He daily read his Bible in Greek, Hebrew, and Latin, and died a member of the Anglican Church, but the fact that he did not believe that Jesus Christ was fully God, and fully man would disqualify him from ever being called a Christian in the Biblical sense. However, he wrote something that I believe should give us cause to pause and reflect on this April 15th, and I will quote him without comment:


            A government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have….


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